Will solar work for my home?

Are you interested in solar energy but unsure of how to assess home’s solar compatibility? The good news is that solar can work for almost any home. There are some factors to consider before deciding if solar is the right choice for you.

Assessing the best location for your solar panels

One thing to consider when assessing home’s solar potential is the amount of sunlight that will reach your solar array. In general, a south-facing roof with little to no shading is ideal for solar, but east- and west-facing roofs can also work well. If your roof is heavily shaded, as is the case in many areas around Ohio and West Virginia, you may want to
consider trimming trees, or using micro inverters or power optimizers to improve your solar production.

Before installing roof mounted panels, it is good to consider the lifespan and condition of the roof to ensure the most longevity for both the home and the solar energy system. If your roof is not conducive to solar panels, ground mounted arrays are an excellent alternative or supplement for those who have the space.

How energy usage influences solar decisions

Another important factor to consider when assessing home solar potential is your current energy usage. Regardless of energy usage, solar is a great option for reducing your carbon footprint and saving money on energy bills. However, higher electricity use often indicates better solar candidacy, as you’ll see a larger return on your investment in
a smaller amount of time. There are many equipment options for a home solar power system, and tailoring the system for your specific energy needs will provide the best service and price point.

ARP Solar can help decide if solar is right for you

At Appalachian Renewable Power (ARP), we offer free solar consultations to help homeowners understand if solar is a good fit for their home. During the assessment consultation, we’ll use software to model the effect of solar panels on your electric bill, taking into account factors such as the size, orientation, and shading of your available space.

ARP has been locally owned and operated for 15 years and is committed to providing high-quality solar installations. We use only top-tier solar panels and have skilled install teams who are dedicated to providing the best service. In utilizing our own workers instead of subcontractors, we are able to provide a more personal experience and maintain our standards of excellence, ensuring that you get the best possible solar installation for your home.


Contact us and we’ll help you understand your home’s solar potential and answer any questions you have about going solar!