We have partnered with SonLight Power to help impoverished communities in Honduras install solar power systems where they’re needed most. SonLight Power is a Cincinnati-based group whose mission is to bring solar power to communities without electricity access. ARP Solar was brought onto the project in 2015 to install these systems and educate members of these communities to be able to maintain their power production.

El Ayudante is an organization in Honduras that offers a variety of services and community resources; funding education, officializing marriages, and providing medical materials. Even though healthcare is free in Honduras, access to necessary medical supplies, especially in remote areas is not guaranteed and often they must be provided by people networking and being resourceful. El Ayudante’s work in stocking and distributing medical supplies has helped save lives, especially of pregnant women, who otherwise would not have had the needed medical help.

In Honduras, electrical costs are significantly higher than what is standard in the United States, and a large amount of El Ayudante’s funding went towards power. Even with high cost of electricity, the electrical grid is highly unstable, and they were often left without power. After ARP Solar’s installation of the independent 50kW system with backup battery power, El Ayudante got the power to continue making a difference for the communities they serve for years to come.