Comprehensive ARP Solar Services

What to expect working with ARP Solar

ARP Solar provides comprehensive solar services covering pre-installation, installation and pos-installation phases of your solar project.

ARP Solar Services: Pre-Installation

Initial Consultation and Assessment

This is the first step where you connect with ARP to discuss your energy needs, evaluate your property’s solar potential, model utility bills with solar generation, and determine the right solar system size for your requirements. This is a complementary, no-commitment process to explore your options.

Site Survey

An ARP team member will visit the proposed site to gather site information, assess the condition of any relevant structures, and ensure code compliance with electrical work. We will also take this time to research what permitting is required for your area and ensure that our work will comply.

Design and Proposal

ARP Solar will then use the site survey and initial assessment to design a system based on your layout preferences, energy needs, and property characteristics. We will then present you with a proposal and estimate outlining the system’s design, costs, and potential savings.

Financing Application Assistance

If you are interested in assistance with applying for funding, ARP can help you find and apply for funding that will fit your needs, including loans, grants, tax incentives, and more. We can also provide grant writing support with our grant specialist partner who has successfully helped to write and submit grants for many of our past projects with our commercial customers.

Permitting and Documentation

Once you are satisfied with the proposal, we will handle the necessary paperwork and permits required by your local authorities and utility company, all you have to do is review and sign. The complexity and timeline of this can vary depending on the region and the efficiency of the local permitting process.

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ARP Solar Services: Installation


The ARP team will bring all installation materials with them on the first day of installation and will remove all extra materials once finished, so there is no long-term storage onsite. We have our own stock of equipment, so there are rarely any issues with supplies availability.


The actual installation process usually takes 1 to 3 days, depending on the system’s size and complexity. The solar panels, inverter(s), mounting hardware, and electrical components will be installed during this stage. 

Monitoring Walkthrough

After installation, the onsite team will provide access to the monitoring software and training on how to use it to monitor production and functioning, and how to report problems should they occur. However, the system cannot be enabled at installation, it will remain inactive until an electrical inspection is passed and the utility company provides permission to operate.

Inspection and Interconnection

After the installation is complete, most utilities require an electrical inspection to ensure the system complies with safety and building codes. ARP can perform the inspection in-house or coordinate with a local inspector when required.

System Activation

Once the inspection is passed, the utility company will review the installation, and the solar system will be interconnected with the utility grid. After your utility company replaces your meter to read flow in both directions and provides Permission to Operate, your solar system will be enabled, and you can start enjoying the benefits of solar power!

Excerpts From Customers’ Testimonials

You won’t find a more committed, friendly, and capable group of solar installers…

The project was finished on time and on budget and the quality of their work is excellent…

Best design, most knowledgeable about the products in the industry, fastest response time to questions, best references, and yes, the best price…

I was very pleased with the whole experience and I can recommend them highly to anyone considering a solar system…

To a person, the crew were smart, friendly, and hardworking and we have not had a single issue with ARP’s workmanship or the equipment…

We are grateful for the attention and care we received and are ecstatic about the way our system is operating…


ARP Solar Services: Post-Installation

Labor Warranty

Within the first year after the system’s installation, ARP offers free labor on any maintenance, replacement, or upgrade.

Equipment Replacement

If there is any equipment malfunction, we honor all manufacturers warranties and are available to replace and maintain all equipment, and we often have our own stock to speed up the replacement process.

Workmanship Guarantee

ARP Solar offers a 15-year workmanship guarantee. If there are any issues with the quality of the installation, like a leaky roof or loose panel, we will address any problems for free.

Remote Troubleshooting

If there are any issues with the system’s production or monitoring, we will do everything we can to figure out the problem remotely for free, before it escalates or a team has to come investigate.

Property Resale with Solar

In the case of property ownership changes, we offer continuing service for the property and education on the system for the new owner.

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